Grays International sponsors a number of players from all corners of the globe. Below is a selection of the current South African players supported by Grays.

Clinton Panther
Nick Name: Chavie
International Caps: 82
Debut: 1st Game vs Morocco 2nd September 2011 ( Age 19) Won 18-0
Career Highlight: Scoring a Goal beating 4 Defenders and the keeper vs Argentina at the Rabobank Hockey World cup, Netherlands 2014
Lucky Charm: GAD-Guts, Attitude, Determination-written on my stick
Game Song: I Got U, Duke Dumont feat Jax Jones
Best Grays Stick: Nano 9, extremely soft feel but yet extremely powerful. Will be playing with the GR11000 next year, this is an unbelievable stick with all the features possible
Best Grays Item: Exo Glove, as it is extremely comfortable and looks the part on the field while protecting your hand from any contact with the ball
Inspiration for young hockey players: Enjoyment of the game and having fun is the basis of all inspiration. Play with G.A.D.
Brandon Panther
Nick Name: Camel
International Caps: 24 caps 12 goals
Debut: 06/06/2013 – SA vs Malaysia (Potch) Score 4-3 to SA
Career Highlight: Playing my first test match alongside my brother in Malaysia at the Sultan Azlan Shah Cup
Lucky Charm: I don’t have any superstitions.
Best Grays Stick: KN 12 000
Best Grays Item: The hockey stick – This is the reason I have played with Grays for over 10 years.
Inspiration for young hockey players: A setback is the platform for a comeback – No matter what happens injury/selection etc, use this as motivation to prove to others that you have the ability to succeed.
Keenan Horne
Nick Name: Keeno
International Caps: 20
Debut: 06/01/2015 Austria
Career Highlight: Making the World League team + USSA player of the tournament
Lucky Charm: my St Christopher and Jesus piece necklace
Game Song: Starboy – The Weeknd ft Daft Punk
Best Grays Stick: GX 7000 Jumbow 2016 edition
Best Grays Item: Jumbo stick bags
Inspiration for young hockey players: The harder your practise, the luckier you get
Andrew Hobson
Nick Name: Hobbers/ Hobbo
International Caps: 1
Debut: 30/01/2017
Career Highlight: SA Mens Debut
Lucky Charm: N/A
Game Song: Eminem- Lose Yourself
Best Grays Stick: GR10000 Dynabow
Best Grays Item: Grays Hockey stick
Inspiration for young hockey players: Be as coachable as you can, learn as much as you can from everyone around you and have fun.
Rhett Halkett
Nick Name: Hoff
International Caps: 140
Debut: 2009 vs Germany
Career Highlight: London Olympic Games
Lucky Charm: Preparation
Game Song: Whatever is playing in the change room
Best Grays Stick: GR10000
Best Grays Item: My stick…obviously
Inspiration for young hockey players: “Hard work beats talent, when talent doesn’t work hard.”
Jacques van Tonder
Nick Name: Jacqi / Jakkals
International Caps: 5
Debut: 11 July 2016
Career Highlight: When I was selected as player of the series during our SA u/16
Quadrangular series in 2016 as well as when I was selected for the SA u/16 squad in my u/
15 year (2015)
Lucky Charm: N/A
Game Song: Dancing again and Sunset lover
Best Grays Stick: KN12000
Best Grays Item: Quality astrotec balls
Inspiration for young hockey players: Talent only takes you this far, hard work pays off! Enjoy the game!
Chris-Aaron Makaba
Nick Name: Chrisso
International Caps: None
Debut: None
Career Highlight: playing in the Junior national team and scoring a gaol against the Australian team
Lucky Charm: putting on my left shin guard on and then the right always in that order
Game Song: motivational videos
Best Grays Stick: CP31
Best Grays Item: Grays sticks
Inspiration for young hockey players: always believe in yourself , set gaols that you want to achieve some long team and others short term

eg.being the best right link on the field, you need to walk on to the field believing internally that you are the best at what you do and will dominate your position and play to the best of your ability and long term gaols would be eg.making the national/provincial/high school first team side but what you do at training and the build up to those long term gaols are very important as they are the foundations of the success to your long term gaol

I use the saying practice doesn’t make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect I strive to have a perfect practice because primarily having a perfect practice will insure a good game. train like number 2 even if you are number 1.

David Agar
Nick Name: Dave
International Caps: 0
Debut: N/A
Career Highlight: Winning IPT with Pens in 2014
Lucky Charm: Bangle
Game Song: Courtesy Call – Thousand foot crutch
Best Grays Stick: Nano 9 Jumbow (2014)  + KN 12000
Best Grays Item: Blue Avalanche Bag
Inspiration for young hockey players: The harder you work / train, the luckier you become. Don’t let anyone tell you you cannot do it.
Erin Prince
Nick Name: Princey, Errol
International Caps:
Career Highlight: Getting selected for the SA u21 squad.
Lucky Charm: My pre match prayer
Game Song: Anything new and highly upbeat!!
Best Grays Stick: GR 6000
Best Grays Item: The avalanche stick bags, so many compartments for efficiency!
Inspiration for young hockey players: Your talent is an amazing gift from god, so make sure you use it to the best of your ability. When things aren’t going too great for you just always remember why you started!!
Trevor de Lora
Nick Name: TJ
International Caps:  5
Debut:  Against Namibia
Career Highlight: SA selection and school player of the year
Lucky Charm:
Game Song: Black eyed peas : pump it up and i got a feeling
Best Grays Stick: AJ 7 and GX 10 000
Best Grays Item: Shins and sticks
Inspiration for young hockey players: Dont limit your challengers , challenge your limits .
Nicolene Terblanche
Nick Name: Chux
International Caps: 194
Debut: 2010 in China against China
Career Highlight: 2012 Olympic Qualifier in India, 2012 London Olympics
Lucky Charm: None
Game Song: Do not listen to specific music before a game
Best Grays Stick: GX 7000 Dynabow
Best Grays Item: My stick
Inspiration for young hockey players: Always keep dreaming and believing in your goal!!Hard word, dedication and a positive mind-set is important.
Enjoy every moment!
Jade Mayne
Nick Name: Jadels/Jadie
International Caps: 106
Debut: 2009 vs Argentina
Career Highlight: CWG Glasgow 2014
Lucky Charm: Leave it all out on the pitch!
Game Song: It differs, I don’t have one specific one. But it needs to be upbeat and lively
Best Grays Stick: GX10000 Jumbow for it’s feels and soft touch
Best Grays Item: The backpack with stick holder. Easy and compact to use for coaching and trainings. Fits in just what I need
Inspiration for young hockey players: Aerial skills
Tarryn Glasby
Nick Name: T
International Caps: 279
Debut: January 2005 vs England
Career Highlight: Olympic Games (2008 and 2012)
Lucky Charm: A South African beaded (colours of our flag) rhino key ring that’s always in my stick bag
Game Song: Save The World – Swedish House Mafia
Best Grays Stick: GX 7000 – The stick has a lot of power and control
Best Grays Item: The stick I was given for World Cup this year with my name and South African flag on it, it’s something special:) All of the sticks I have played with have been great
Inspiration for young hockey players: That hockey is a team game, cherish all the special times with your friends and learn from each other and most importantly, have fun!
Shelley Russel
Nick Name: Shell-bells
International Caps: 219
Debut: 2006 – Stellenbosch Spar Series vs India
Career Highlight: Scoring my 1st international goal against GB at the December series 2007
Lucky Charm: My Olympic Necklace that my dad had make especially for me after Beijing Olympics… I never take it off
Game Song: Louder
Best Grays Stick: GX 9000 and the thinner head which allows for quicker/ movement and more control with ball skills
Best Grays Item: My shin-Pads – those reliable items save me on a daily basis… Not to mention my stick too!
Inspiration for young hockey players: Start young with the difficult stuff. Backsticks, aerials and flicks must be learnt when you start playing
Anneke Beukman
Nick Name: An
International Caps:
Debut: 2013/2014
Career Highlight: Womens winners in 2014, first cap 2016(U/21)
Lucky Charm: My neckless that is 2 hockey sticks
Game Song: All Time Low form Jon Bellion
Best Grays Stick: KN 12000
Best Grays Item: hockey stick
Inspiration for young hockey players: You are never to young to dream and play big.
Antonet Louw
Nick Name: Netta
International Caps:
Career Highlight: u21 Junior World Cup
Lucky Charm: don’t have one
Game Song: it’s my life – Bon Jovi
Best Grays Stick: KN 12000
Best Grays Item: touch glove
Inspiration for young hockey players: If you don’t believe in yourself, who else would ?
Jacinta Jubb
Nick Name: JJ
International Caps: 1
Debut: 2015
Career Highlight: Playing Youth Olympics
Lucky Charm: My necklace that I wear every day
Game Song: “Rise” Katty Perry
Best Grays Stick: Player series stick, Anna Flanagan
Best Grays Item: The hockey back pack/bag
Inspiration for young hockey players: Always make sure that you firstly have the love and passion for the game, this is the most important thing. If you enjoy what you are doing everything becomes easy, it is enjoyable to go down to the turf and to do all the extra fitness sessions. Otherwise as the saying goes “practice makes perfect” so the more you can get down to the turf to practice the more you will be able to focus on your skills and develop your game. Hockey is a sport that will test you emotionally, physically and mentally, especially as you progress to higher levels, it is important to keep positive, remember to time manage but above all enjoy the process.
Jess Glass
Nick Name: Glassie
International Caps: 12 (Indoor)
Debut: 2015
Career Highlight: Winning the Spar Four Nations tournament (USA, Australia, Nam, SA)
Lucky Charm: I wear a rainbow moonstone necklace
Game Song: Jeremy Loops – Power
Best Grays Stick: GR11000 probow
Best Grays Item: Facemask!!
Inspiration for young hockey players: “Never give up on your dreams…”
Monique Bartsch
Nick Name: Mo
International Caps:
Career Highlight: Selected for SA Team (U16, U17) and PHL Orange River Rafters
Lucky Charm: None
Game Song: Nothing specific
Best Grays Stick: GX 11000 Probow (my current stick)
Best Grays Item: The stick
Inspiration for young hockey players: Always work hard and stay humble