Leading the way…

Grays continue to invest in our extensive research programme into the playing characteristics of our composite and wooden sticks. This involves both laboratory and field testing of all our sticks to assess their playing characteristics. Grays have developed extensive expertise and technical data thus enabling us to create our range of composite and wooden sticks.

The Research Programme

Grays research laboratory testing programme was done in conjunction with one of England’s foremost universities. By using players of both international and club standard we also conducted hitting tests using each model within our collection of sticks.

Reinforcement Levels

The first part of the research process involved them hitting balls with each of our sticks whilst being filmed using special high speed cameras that had also been used extensively in ball speed tests. By filming each hit using 400 frames per second each individual swing speed and impact ball deflection speed was accurately measured and from this data the stick’s rigidity was established. By drawing together the data of the tests, Grays have been able to accurately assess the matrix formulae required in our composites and our wooden stick models.

The ‘Feel’ Factor

The second part of the testing was conducted in the laboratory in a controlled environment to establish the feel factor of receiving skills. This involved firing a hockey ball at each model of stick to establish how much rebound occurs when the ball makes its initial contact with the stick head. This process is an accurate simulation of ball receiving skills.

A revolution in stick design – delivers unbelievable agility without sacrificing power. Featuring graphene reinforcement, sticks in the KN range are not made like other sticks.

Geocentric Core Technology is at the epicentre of each stick and allows a complete redistribution in weight and balance, which creates a light and nimble pickup. This internal construction process uses polyurethane foam as a structural core in the head area and combines with the twin tube carbon fibre matrix top layer to create a highly stable and durable stick.

This technology is designed primarily for progressive and fast-paced 3D styles of play, and Braided Carbon reinforcement ensures there is maximum power when shooting. Sticks in the KN range offer the maximum combination of weight, feel and power.

The Graphene range – enhanced with Graphene, for maximum power and performance. Graphene is exceptionally strong and light, and has been precisely combined with the highly successful GX composition to forge the GR technology.

By combining Graphene into the composite matrix, players will have all the durability and playability of GX technology, and with extra power and feel from Graphene. Sticks in the GR range offer exceptional feel, power, and playability.

The Grays Xtreme range – the iconic technology combining performance, durability, and playability. Over the last decade the GX range has continued to evolve in response to new materials and playing styles.

The precise material makeup has been carefully engineered to provide a stick which will suit players of all styles, especially for younger players moving from wooden sticks onto the junior GX models. Sticks in the GX range offer a wellbalanced level of power and control.

Grays has specifically developed a composite range suitable for the rigours of indoor hockey. Combining new and innovative materials the range now features sticks that have the feel and touch of wood with the durability and power of composites.

The GTI (Grays Total Indoor) Technology range has been comprehensively tested in leading indoor markets (Germany, Netherlands and the USA) and features the same characteristics as the outdoor collection. Players can now choose a set of criteria (Power, Control, Speed) that suits their game especially where close control and touch are prerequisites for success.

Using natural materials and combining these with fibreglass and carbon, the sticks are a significant step up from previous composite versions, underlining Grays vision to lead technical innovations in hockey.

The Probow Xtreme is an evolution of the Probow shape, with the sole purpose of pushing the limits of 3D play. The playing face has been completely re-engineered to increase the dragflick zone, and the flat backhand edge has been increased to generate extra strike power. Combined with unique toe design for close skills, and embossed Power Groove on the reverse of the stick, make this an exceptional stick for dynamic modern play.

Combines the low curve location of the Probow, with the sweeping curve of the Dynabow. This makes it a dynamic sticks for all styles of play; with the ability to perform 3D skills and the power for traditional striking shots. The thick profile and heel are well suited to striking and tackling, while the hook option offers extra stopping area.

Suitable for:
Combinations of technical play, backhands, and hitting
Drag flicking, aerials

Offers a refined, sweeping curve along the length of the stick, while maintaining a maximum height allowed under FIH regulations. Combined with a slim headshape and round lower-hand profile makes these sticks excellent for all-round play and nimble 3D skills.

Suitable for:
Combinations of technical play, hitting, and dribbling
Dynamic 3D skills and aerials

Our least extreme model, which features a classic profile and gentle sweeping curve. The micro headshape and thin toe make this shape ideal for general play and simple 3D skills.

Suitable for:
Combinations of general play and simple 3D skills
Controlled passing, receiving, and shooting